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Cyborg Hawk Linux Hacking is an Ubuntu-based Linux Hacking Distro, also know as a Pentesting Linux Distro. It’s developed and designed for ethical hackers and penetration testers. Cyborg Hawk Distro can be used for system evaluation and security and additionally for digital forensics. It also has various tools appropriate to the testing of Mobile Security and Wireless infrastructure.

It is less performant, complex, or glossy as something similar to kali — but it’s really a fantastic beginning. I expect the programmers to keep working on it and rope at some greater security engineers to focus on the OS optimization and motorist heap

Cyborg Hawk Linux Hacking Features Cyborg Linux has quite an extensive set of alterations predicated on a Ubuntu subsystem with its own customized PPA repository. The attributes are as follows:

Cyborg Hawk Linux  HackingDownload
Cyborg Hawk Linux Download

More than 750+ penetration testing software included. Cyborg Hawk is free and will be. It could be used as a live OS with complete capability. Exploitation Toolkit, Stress Testing, Reverse Engineering, Forensics, Mobile Security & Wireless Security.

Total digital machine service in variant v 1.1. Now, it will come with its own repository. Reliable and steady. Various Wireless apparatus support. Well sorted menu, everything organized logically. The kernel is emptied from an injection

Cyborg Hawk Linux Hacking Tool Categories

Exactly the 750 so tools have been grouped around from the menu in the following categories:

  • Information Gathering
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Exploitation
  • Privilege Escalation
  • Maintaining Access
  • Documentation & Reporting
  • Reverse-engineering
  • Stress Testing
  • Forensics
  • Wireless Security
  • Hardware Hacking
  • VoIP Analysis
  • Mobile Security
  • Malware Analysis

Cyborg Hawk Linux Hacking Tool Download Here

Download Cyborg

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What is Cyborg Hawk

cyborg linux

Cyborg Hawk Linux Hacking is an Ubuntu based Linux Hacking Distro, also know as a Pentesting Linux Distro. It’s developed and designed for ethical hackers and penetration testers.

Which Linux is best for Penetration testing Kali linux or cyborg

Kali is much more better than any other pentesting os available in the market. It is also called ‘Hackers Paradise’. It comes with 600+ pre installed pentesting tools with gives a user very good support to pentesting.

Cyborg Hawk is the most advanced, powerful and yet beautiful penetration testing distribution ever created. Lined up with ultimate collection of tools for pro Ethical Hackers and Cyber Security Experts. It has 700 + tools and also dedicated tools for mobile security and malware analysis. It is a new operating system based on Ubuntu linux.

Kali Linux Features VS Cyborg Hawk

Kali Linux includes many well known security tools, including:
Burp Suite
MetaSploit Framework
Zed Attack Proxy(ZAP)

Cyborg Hawk Features

Stress Testing
Mobile Security
Wireless Security
Reverse Engineering
Exploitation Toolkit

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